Anxiety is just awful.

It is one of the worst feelings. At times, it can seem to take hold for no reason—causing you to feel plagued with panic, foggy brain, worry, and intense fear. I bet it's starting to get in the way of your work, school, daily life routines, relationships, and your inner peace. You are not alone. Over 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety issues, and their lives are consumed by fear.

Let's change that together.

The good news is that anxiety is highly treatable and my approach can free you from the anxiety trap. An anxious brain has an overactive fight-or-flight response that floods your body with stress hormones. Together we can train your brain to stop unnecessarily setting off the fire alarm. There are lots of things you can start implementing right away to help you feel more calm and grounded. And in the meantime, we can begin to explore together what's causing the anxiety to begin with.

How does peace of mind, a new kind of strength, and freedom sound?

Together we can navigate this journey and fight to win back your peace of mind, strength, and joy. Therapy can help in many ways. I take a holistic approach to my work meaning that I enjoy assisting clients to become more aware of their mind-body connection, helping to nip anxiety in the bud.

Are you ready to make a better life for yourself?

Let’s get past the anxiety that is holding you back from living again, having healthy relationships, and feeling good about yourself. I know that picking up the phone can be anxiety-provoking. But that's the first step to finally taking your control back from the anxiety! If that's too much, then send me a message by text or email. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Together we can navigate this journey and fight to win back your peace of mind.